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Alizeh Kazmi

Makeup Artist & Photographer
Alizeh Kazmi is an artist of Pakistani descent, currently settled in Toronto, Canada. She loves skin foucused Editorial Makeup, Coffee and Cats.

Alizeh Kazmi is an artist of Pakistani descent, currently settled in Toronto, Canada. Having an artistic nature from an early age, Alizeh dabbled with various forms of art such as illustration, fine art, makeup, crafting & photography throughout her academic trajectory. 


Growing up she struggled with psoriasis & due to that her skin and its unique condition became a significant part of her identity where putting on makeup & creating an interesting look took away from the red patches on her skin and normalized her condition. 


During those crucial years she recognized the huge gap in the South Asian beauty industry as well as the makeup industry at large when it came to artists who knew how to cater to individuals with sensitive skin or any particular skin ailments or conditions. 



She is utilizing the skills she learnt in her traditional art training as part of her makeup application and creative design paired with the new product based knowledge she has acquired during her diploma program. She is focused & passionate about her work in makeup artistry & draws her inspiration from artistic pieces & her surroundings which is reflected in her work.


 At this time she wishes to pursue a career in editorial makeup artistry, focusing on the niche of makeup for people with chronic skin conditions and how to redefine beauty standards for them.


2021 - 2022

Sheridan College

Makeup for Media and Creative Arts (completed)

2018 - 2020

The Lyceum School

2006 - 2018

The C.A.S School



MMCA Portfolio Awards, Sheridan College 

portfolio award

2022 - 2026

Sheridan College 

Honors Bachelors of Photography (in Progress)


Pablo Picasso Award, The C.A.S School

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